Corporate Services

We set up your corporation in a tax-advantageous manner and guide you on the optimal corporate structure as your business expands. And if you are ready to say good-bye to your corporation, we help you through the dissolution process, step by step.

As a small business owner planning to incorporate, you can count on us to help you decide if incorporation indeed makes sense in your particular circumstances or if you may wait out a bit more. For those ready to incorporate, our services cover the critical steps of name search and reservation, incorporating federally or provincially, guidance on shareholding structure and setting up multiple share classes.

For professionals, real estate investors and expanding businesses, we create the corporate structure that may comprise of two or more corporations to take advantage of tax planning and asset protection strategies.

If you are a non-resident business that wants to operate in Canada, you will find our expertise valuable in choosing between the options of branch vs subsidiary and clarifying the permanent establishment status under relevant tax treaty. We also consider the provincial corporate laws in helping you identify the Canadian province where corporation may be registered.

For not-for-profits , choosing the right corporate structure and properly laying down the objects in its constituting documents is a critical step in obtaining tax-exempt status and subsequent registration as a charity, if required. Our corporate services for NFPs include the often missed, but critical need, to familiarize executives and directors with their responsibilities under corporate and tax laws.

Our corporate services are varied and cover every stage of your business cycle.

  • Business corporation: Canadian and foreign-owned
  • Professional corporation
  • Not-for-profits
  • Extra-provincial registration
Corporate Compliance
  • Minute book set up
  • Minute book update or review
  • Annual return filing
  • Corporate notices filing
  • Directors’ orientation
Corporate Structuring
  • Rollover
  • Reorganization
  • Merger and amalgamation
  • Continuance into another province
  • Winding up of subsidiary
  • Preparing for liquidation
  • Tax planning for shareholders
  • Dissolution
  • CRA dealings

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