About Us

Which Industries Do We Service?

Our wide-ranging knowledge across industries enables us to offer services that cater to clients’ specific situation, business or industry. We regularly invest into our institutional systems, knowledge and expertise, so that we can provide expert technical advice and value-added solutions to our clients.

Startups and Small/Medium Businesses

Real Estate Investors and Property Managers


E-commerce Businesses

Business Consultants

Tech Businesses

Non Residents

Not-For-Profits and Charities

Who We Are?

At J-MAK CPA, we aim to be ‘Your trusted business partner’. These few words form the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Our dedicated teams work with clients to establish and develop a relationship of trust and growth. Embodying this philosophy, our corporate culture thrives on customer care and service where collective effort is focused toward creating meaningful client experiences. Beside the personal attentiveness to each client, we use our technical proficiency to provide clients with useful and compliant strategies that place them ahead of the game.

Located in downtown Toronto, J-MAK CPA serves clients across many geographical locations, within and outside Canada. Our team has combined experience spanning four decades in accounting, tax, advisory and governance. While the firm has been only recently established in 2019, our partners have been in public practice under separate set ups and have client relationships that have followed them into J-MAK CPA, evidencing the trust that clients place in us.

What Do We Offer?

Our approach to client service delivery is five-pronged:

  • Quality-driven – What sets us apart is our attention to quality and detail. We understand that incomplete or out-dated solutions will not earn us the confidence of our clients. It is critical to us that we provide high quality work to our clients that bolsters our relationships.
  • Responsive – We value your time. A staunch believer in quick turnaround, be it responding to emails, meeting deadlines or addressing specific requirements, we endeavour to provide prompt and responsive service.
  • ReliableWe work hard to meet client expectations . We recognize that reliability and dependability of our services is key to securing long-term client relationships, where we are the first choice for clients as their business partner.
  • Consistent – We want clients to experience peace of mind once they engage us, so that they can focus on growing their businesses and pursuing their aspirations. Our consistent service standards can make this happen.
  • Proactive – We engage with clients on a regular basis to proactively identify opportunities and pre-empt issues in our areas of service. This is a win-win situation for all.

We seek out the best interests of clients while upholding our integrity and professional standards. For engagements that are outside of our areas of expertise or carry potential conflict of interest, we will not waste clients’ time and money but will instead connect them to the appropriate service provider. We do not claim to be an expert of everything, but whatever we do, we do it right!

What We Do?

Our expertise lies in the following areas of service:

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